Oh Birthday couldn't have gotten any better. So here i am, making sure you dont miss any bit of it.

The birthday eve

All plans of hanging out doing lepak the musical was cancelled because he had to babysit. So plans changed to girls night out. Well it was just shisha, but it was fun. The boys joined a bit later. And my car keys, well she left it in her friend's car so I decided to go back to get the other key. Oh and guess what, another she managed to open the car's door with another his key. Cool.

The birthday

Went to class for the sake of fake presentation. Yes, it was a false alarm. So went back and slept until he called. Drove to his house, and he drove me to Genting Highland. Wicked. Got free passes for the ride because it was my born day. and he took me to rides I never ever would get on if ever I was with other people. Went on that big ship swing, solero shot and roller coasters... which is not as extreme as the roller coasters I had in Japan, but enough to make me sick. So yeah, the ride down was hell. But I enjoyed him taking care of me :) That did give me butterflies.
Met the rest of the boys around 1 am I think. Head for Cherating around 3. Gosh, I have no idea what the trip on the way was like, because I was busy sleeping ;p All I know is we stopped at some rest area. I had my early breakfast there. Met with the rest of the boys in town, where they slept in a studio. Poor boys, they were all exhausted. Head for cherating, where some bath. I didn't because it was too hot I guess.

Head for Kemaman. They had their soundcheck, had some rest in the small room behind the venue. Collages went before Burnout. I wanted to go upfroant but I was wearing slippers, and the crowd was all around. Too heavy for slippers, screw you slippers :P But it was all good. Burnout, I got to see clearly. They both kick ass. I would see them again next time no doubt. Oh and then, in the back room, while I was sleeping, some funny incident took place. Even if I write them in words, you would never feel the same way as those people who were there. Once I got my chalet, I went bye-bye world.

The next day.

Head for the beach. Went and play catching waves. Those boys were crazy, but the made me laugh. Oh, we found the washing machine that went M.I.A. On the way back, they stopped at the river. It was holy cold, and I guess that's what makes them boys wicked wild. lol. Dinner in Wangsa Maju before heading back home :)

Nah, they are a lot more awesome if you were there. Im just writing this so I wouldnt forget :)

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