bloody morning

My phone went ballistic yesterday. Which is fine because I could then still on it. And it started working fine. Then this morning. oh wait. been trying since 0200. it wont budge. And me, being stupid. I saved all my contacts in the phone. Why? because last time I was to change my simcard. But I didnt so I forgot that all those numbers are in my phone. And then this happens, in the midst of me trying to save up. Life sucks. Funny how a stupid box could affect your life, but oh well it did. I cling to it all the time. Oh and those messages in there. Thanks a lot.



This is wrong but Reasons why I will crash any walls to have you:

You little rascal. Your curiousity is the cutest thing ever, and because of that you can tear my couch enytime you want. I won't be mad :D

You're the macho-est thing ever. You're deep eyes makes my heart thump fast. You're sense of wanting to protect makes me fall drop dead over you.

- Because I will like you as a puppy and as a grown up dog.
come to think of it, this pretty much relates to you bebe, in a way. lol


one man's tale

The desire to turn, the urge to run
Not from presents, just flesh.
Not seeking the past, not calling the future.
All the battle I fought for nothing, I've laid to rest my rusted shield.
I've hung up the war in which I devoted and scared, and I've made a vow never to return.
All my blades and swords and my victory treasure chest, I'm already on my way of burying what was then mine and owned.
And any other words will be used in prayers.
On the storms I shall ride, on my new found ship.
And the seas I shall steer, come poseidon with wrath.
On a new horizon I will look and hope for.
Even if the wind blows the waves skyhigh,
earlier than the stars predict.

Even if the wind blows, and the storm don't last, I've devoted a new mission
And if I shall wait, then wait as long as I could
Even if my heart pours blood on my oars, I will steer until I reach shore.
And I will, find my treasure chest, better than the ones I buried.


Hey bebe

Because you're the only one who figured out my link here. Or atleast you're the only one I know knows about this place. lol.

I am dead bored in Janda Baik. We sit in this room doing our own stuff.Well I would like to bath in the river, buuuuuttttttttt, it would be crazier if I have you and her and them around. So I am writing this, because of the following reason:-

  1. I miss to hug you
  2. I miss her too
  3. I am thinking about sorting stuffs out and you're always the one to listen to everything I have to say. Even when I sometimes fall asleep while talking, or even when I sometimes talk about meaningless stuff.
  4. Because I am cuddled in this hotel's sheet, and I am wearing your sweater :D
  5. I dreamt about surfing during my power nap
  6. I realise I hate someone
  7. I want to go shopping again, but I cant decide what to buy first
  8. I miss my wolves
  9. I am hungry despite having just ate just now
  10. I badly need a back massage. Like really bad.