When I hear songs that talk about fights, and bruises, I thought of how silly we were. How we end up the way we did. When people ask me what happened, I no longer want to explain, I don't feel like putting you on the bad side, I don't say your name, I just answered, we fought and that's that, and sometimes, I just smiled. When they ask if I am okay, I went yeah. Not because I am faking it, or hiding it, but really, I do feel okay. More than okay.

If you ask if I've met a guy, yeah I met a few. Remember when I told you, if I move, I move fast. I really meant them, not to sound narcissist, but I know where I stand, and what I am capable of. But honestly now, out of those few guys I met, there's this one that stands out. Unlike what you may think, he's the only one who lets me be honest infront of him, without judging me, without condemning my past and without predicting the future. If there were ever a moment I'd like to live in, and if it were logic to have one, he could make one happen.

Yeah I like him, I don't love him yet. Like Motley Crue sang, too fast for love. But the moment is just as good, I wouldn't even bother to think of what's going to happen. Honestly, I don't. Sometimes, I think I like him more each day, I even start to feel some kind of care, or a bit like love kind of thing. But... I wouldnt bother to decode.

Sometimes love brings you nothing but a contaminated ending. Which is why, if you're still wondering, I haven't called you yet. I don't plan to. I've thought about it, but I don't think it would do me any good. I mean, I've called you before, I don't want to chase after something that keeps on running away from me. Not anymore.

Most of all I guess, I love what I am having now. Just so you know, I kind of think he is better than you. I'm not comparing though, you have your crowning glory, but maybe you're not mine for the taking. Just maybe. It wouldnt be fair to compare 2 years to 2 weeks. Sometimes people change. But hey, thanks for teaching me to not to believe in things so fast :)

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