No room for past

Sweeping away the past fleshes again. I have a new present that I want none of your existence of. So today be the last day I hear about any of you (because i was forced to) Then it's ahoy to my new present. Well I like living this way, life's to full of surprises whether good or bad. But atleast, i know now I want to experience it with new people. So toodles old life.

Hey and anyway, I've decided what to call us. We're just teammates. When the team degrades we might or might not remain friends. But atleast I predicted this sooner so that I wont suffer much of an aftermath shock.


Like the wind through your skin

I think I am becoming heartless. Not fully, but getting there. Guess pretending to have no feelings has taken it's toll on me. I love it everytime I see you, although I pretended not to care. Because it's wrong for me to care, and I can't let myself get hurt again. But lately, it's getting harder for me to act like a faceless. idgaf, always chilled up girl.... because you're starting to know a lot about me. The facts about me that i don't even bother telling people, and that me myself aren't aware of. Like the number of bangles i wear everyday. Nobody cared, not even me. But you counted them.

Anyway, its pointless. You will always be with her. I will one day get over you or maybe not bother about you at all. So I guess... here's to another passing memory.


Blunt and Real

Okay, maybe it's my hormones. But, hey captain, what the fuck are you doing screwing up my life? Well okay it's not screwed up. Please just be faithful to your girlfriend. You're now making it hard for me. If she finds out, you can never imagine the hurt you put on her. So please, be a good man.

Hey heart, could you fucking decide what you want? You know you miss having a boyfriend, but everytime a guy tries to get close you back out. Why? You're giving nobody a chance and you're chasing someone else's life. Well, not chasing. Just.... hoping? You tell yourself ever so often that it's cool cause you're not into commitments (which is partially true) but you're hoping a guy could go that extra mile to love you. Will there ever be?



okay the pace is slowing down again. I wanna dance with new people. Infact I wanna meet new people. Everyone I know is of same behaviour. Playing around fooling themselves. What is up with people? I liked myself when I was 18. I am loving myself right now, I just wished somewhere inside me I'm still capable of loving. I thought love was a simple thing.