rise and shine

Hello world, you've got you're surprised set up long time havent you? Geesh you're a genius. I am enjoying everything that comes my way. Like, I used to be this little girl...... say, 4 month ago, I would be the little sadist girl who coils up in her blanket and wet herself in the shower and toil around the house wondering why things got so messed up. I was that psycho bitch. Or that pessimist. But like I said, I would always somehow miraculously pull it through and stay alive, and live a better one. And the fact is, LIFE IS FUCKEN GREAT MAN! not yet perfect. It aint never gonna be pefect yet, not without my mustang and my caddy, and my band touring in a trailer lorry, and my money flowing endlessly I could afford your soul -hah, could afford a private island would be cool enough. So yeah, 10 more years to go to reach those goals. Watch me soar!

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