Hey bebe

Because you're the only one who figured out my link here. Or atleast you're the only one I know knows about this place. lol.

I am dead bored in Janda Baik. We sit in this room doing our own stuff.Well I would like to bath in the river, buuuuuttttttttt, it would be crazier if I have you and her and them around. So I am writing this, because of the following reason:-

  1. I miss to hug you
  2. I miss her too
  3. I am thinking about sorting stuffs out and you're always the one to listen to everything I have to say. Even when I sometimes fall asleep while talking, or even when I sometimes talk about meaningless stuff.
  4. Because I am cuddled in this hotel's sheet, and I am wearing your sweater :D
  5. I dreamt about surfing during my power nap
  6. I realise I hate someone
  7. I want to go shopping again, but I cant decide what to buy first
  8. I miss my wolves
  9. I am hungry despite having just ate just now
  10. I badly need a back massage. Like really bad.

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