I think I could explode anytime. At this point, I think Im just being lazy. But to think back, I'm not lazy. I did this and that, trying to make ends meet. But leading everything, isn't a good thing. Especially when you work with people who think, you need to ask the leader everything. I mean, can't you figure out yourself? I mean again, if we don't get the thing done, we're all at risk. Im okay with it, but I always make sure that my failure is the cause of my own action. But really, when you're at risk, do you ask someone else to hold your life line? Is that it? Can't you figure things out yourself? Do you need to be spoonfed? And ask me everything like, Im the leader so I am suppose to have figure out everything? I'm no robot people. I gave you a task, I gave myself a task. I didn't wait for you guys so why do you have to wait for me? For god's sake just get it done. Yeah well I didn't show up for two consecutive weeks but I took responsibilty right? It isn't my fault alone. Pssshh. forget it I'm not blaming anyone. After this, I'll just work for myself. No more leading, no more outshining, not that place atleast. It's just the wrong stage. Im shining alright, Im leading still, just somewhere else. And if I have to do it all over again, let's just say I've prepared.