maybe its just me, maybe youre just annoying

First of all, people who loves to talk about other people like fucking all the time, are lifeless. I mean, it's okay to screw it up every ONCE IN A WHILE because we all do it out of boredom and fun. But not all the time.

Let's start the real story. This is for whom ever who feels like you are the person.

1. You who go on and telling every single people that you think have big names and used to be attached to me that you have seen me without a single thread, or atleast whatever parts that are interesting to your species. I remember all the guys I've been with and I am so very sure that I have never ever heard of you, let alone know you even existed. And your stories of you seeing me oh so intimately, I hope your fantasy's a good one, because that's all you're going to get. A fantasy. And Im sorry you had to make it all up to people. It satisfies you doesn't it? Well, you haven't laid any skin on me and that boy will never happen. So if lying makes you feel better, than I'm proud I could atleast save a sick person's life.

2. I don't mind you calling me a whore, a slut, all the names in the world you can think of. Be my guess. If that's going to help you move on. Plus I do admit, I was the one who left. But let me tell you this. I didn't regret doing it and I'm not going back. And kudos for saying them all out loud to my friends. I'm not afraid of what they may think, because by you doing so, I've learn who my real friends are.What gross me is that, you can call me that stuff, and then pretend you're my friend, or maybe leave me hints that we're going to be together. I'll say it loud now, that boy will never happen. If you hate me, don't talk to me. Don't even pretend that you're okay with us being friends. Two faced people are the worst. So if you want to hate me, please, hate me all the way. Don't pretend.

3. I remembered my last text to you being, I will love you forever. News flash, I don't believe in forever. I loved you, until about 5 months ago. I haven't found a way to forgive you yet, just pray I will. But please remember, I didn't leave you, you wanted to be left. I gave you your wish. I am glad, I walked out of our twisted love loop. And I will never be friends with your girlfriends or the girl that comes after her or anything. We can talk occasionally, but that will be it. I will not wait for you anymore. I've closed all my doors 5 months ago. I am not the good girl you used to know. Not intentioned to make you feel bad, but you help make the broken girl I am today. So pray, everything gets better for me.

4. Virtual or not, a person is still a person and their stories are as real as it gets. So don't try to dig into my past, present, secrets. Don't ask what I've done with guys or how many or all those topics related. I don't kiss and tell and I am not innocent. Nobody is. But that's as blunt as I can go. Don't hope for the details or anything like that because I'm not giving it away. I've had pretty good times and I've done well, but that's not for your entertainment. So if you want one, find another stupid girl to talk to.

5. I like you. but you're the same species as these four people above. And I've built a wall against all this so that I won't get hurt again. Because it's easier living in ignorance and pretending everything's fine. Maybe I just hope you can reach me, give me a reason to break these walls. Its becoming so hard to differenciate what's real and what's not. What I really want and what I think I want for the moment, but would only kill me in the end.

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