forced hellos, rushed goodbyes.

Yeah, I am closing the door that was never opened. Or atleast I almost had it opened. Plastering the bricks that I almost break to allow you in. But you never really wanted to pull me out. So I'm staying in and straying away from you. I couldn't care less about you. Really. I move swift like a wind. In this pulling strings game, let's just say we're not elastic enough. I won't bounce back, we never had a chance to create that bond. So Im gone. Yeah, and I did say I am tired of games. So if it's game you're looking for, Im sorry but I bailed. I'm not capable of any heartaches anymore. Or maybe because, in order for me to bleed for someone, I've to feel it's values. And, fact is Im already sucked dry, like a zombie. I need juice.

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