I think I Like You

Yeah, I really do think so. Without any reason and without any warnings. If Im not sober, I might just take the risk of kissing you the next time I see you. Let's just hope I am high in control, or I might just end up fooling my self. Or for that matter, maybe hurt someone? And this stupid love songs, doesn't help at all. They just make me realise a lot more how I am that into you. Can we be close enough so that I can hug you for goodbyes and lean on your back when I tell you about my day? We don't have to get physical, or be in a relationship, we can just be close. We can have a special bond of friendship, and be alone sometimes, being lazy or just watching at the stars. I don't know. You make me want to believe in love again. You make me feel like, maybe it's worth the risk again. I don't know if Im only feeling this at this short moment, but right now it's just how I feel. And they're getting harder to contain. Maybe im hoping you could lead me out from the walls that I built to strain myself from crashing into love's cruel game. But then again, maybe I'm hoping you could remind me how love was once beautiful.

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