Your judgements

I stand by the moral, as long as I don't hold the title wife, mom, fiance, someone's girlfriend, I'm entitled to do anything in the social standards. Don't mock me, you are not as innocent yourself. Deep inside, everybody wants to break the rules, go against people, satisfy your needs. Dont you? you just don't have the guts to do it. So if I went against all odds, and kissed the guy I like, don't hate me for that. If I went against your moral, and befriend a lot of guys and hang out with them, don't hate on me because you didn't approach them in the first place. Please just remember this, just because I do that, doesn't mean Im cheap. Im just being young and enjoying life. IF I happen to be somebody's you bet I would behave and keep myself on the safe line I'm suppose to. But meanwhile, im just enjoying the perks of being single. Atleast Im not going around smashing hearts. If ever, Im the one who always endup crashed.

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