one man's tale

The desire to turn, the urge to run
Not from presents, just flesh.
Not seeking the past, not calling the future.
All the battle I fought for nothing, I've laid to rest my rusted shield.
I've hung up the war in which I devoted and scared, and I've made a vow never to return.
All my blades and swords and my victory treasure chest, I'm already on my way of burying what was then mine and owned.
And any other words will be used in prayers.
On the storms I shall ride, on my new found ship.
And the seas I shall steer, come poseidon with wrath.
On a new horizon I will look and hope for.
Even if the wind blows the waves skyhigh,
earlier than the stars predict.

Even if the wind blows, and the storm don't last, I've devoted a new mission
And if I shall wait, then wait as long as I could
Even if my heart pours blood on my oars, I will steer until I reach shore.
And I will, find my treasure chest, better than the ones I buried.

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