Since the last I wrote here, I have graduated my degree, went to Canada to be with the guy I liked and went to Australia only to realise how can you not love the country.

I loved Canada. Everything is different there. People are nice. Only thing that itches me is that they are so nice it's hard to tell if they are being fake. From my experience, they can curse and cuss about that one person and tell you how much they hated that person and then the next day when they bump into each other they'd go, "how are you buddy, let me buy you a drink." I can never process that. If I don't like somebody, you can bet that I wouldn't even bother being nice to them and I don't mind them calling me a bitch because in my world, if you're a bitch then the only side of me you're gonna get is the same probably better reflection of how you are treating me. Hmm and the fact that Brandon is a city itches me as well. It's a town, not a city. When people say city I imagine skyscrapers and modern architectures. If that small somewhat a little bit facilitated place is a city, than what is Vancouver? or Toronto? or Ontario? Not to mention, the bars are an-ok. Girls dance and dress (most of them if not all, but hey there's a bunch in every city) like skanks. No wonder he said to me once, "people only go to clubs to get laid." And after seeing the environment, I agree. Girls grind on any dicks on sight like a beggar kissing gold. Country girls may be tough I admit that they are, but City girls has class I think. We don't chase after guys, certainly don't go to clubs to get laid (I mean a small percentage do, like I said there's one in every city). And if a guy wants to be, and I said BE with a girl, than he better be a gentleman. Because trying to grind on a random girl will only get you thrown out of club and get slapped. And because no, we won't act desperate and yes we want to be treated special, a girl should know her worth unless you don't mind being just another number on that guy's list of used goods. Okay, let me just round this up. The way most (when I say that I meant 90%) of the girls act is like basically wearing a shirt that says, "fuck me please, Im horny". Gosh it feels so good to finally be able to get this off my chest. And there's no shopping malls. Okay there is but yeah, I'd rather Regina. Then again what do I know I've only been to and seen 2 towns. No wait, Regina is a city.

Okay so those would be the only thing I hated. Apart from that the small towns like Redvers and Carlile and all the rest of the towns, they are heaven. Breath-taking, calming, safe. If I make enough money, which I'm gonna make sure I will, I might even retire there. Why not. It's heaven. Love the people, love the food, love the sunsets. One good thing that I salute them over the city wanderers would be they dont judge you by what you do. They don't care if your job isn't the highest ranking. They don't judge basically. Well atleast not loudly. City people judge, a lot. And I admit it, I do it to sometimes. Ok well now that all the hatred is off my chest.

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