A rich man's world

I dont mean to be emotional, because that's gross. But currently i feel disfunctional. It's like, wherever or whatever organs that's responsible for producing feelings went on a rage against the control of my brain. Not to mention, I think I have headache. Probably of watching too much television. I feel sluggish, I feel hungry (yes, I get hungry that fast nowadays, or most part of the day) and I feel like I'm so stationary and I hate that. I want to move, do new things, experience stuffs. I want to own money, work maybe, Yes I need money I have so much on my wishlist, and not to mention my rage is probably just below my head for people that owes me money. If I were evil, I'd ask them to pay up today. Hey, a debt's a debt. And sometimes people don't realise how much in debt they are. Mostly, Im on wits end today. It's like nothing goes wrong, but nothing goes right either. Told you Im stationary. So want to go to the beach. So want to shop. So want to get away. So want to shop. Yup. shop. Again. money. Whoever created this whole money system? I wish there were still barter system. Did I spell that right? I hope I did. Well, we created this whole materialistic world, and without it, we'd be stupid enough wandering how to survive.

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