red boots

The red boots stepped outside to the smell of after rain, the smell of wet grass
What a perfect day to breathe and live.
Saw a rainbow for the first time. Thought it looked beautiful, with colours and all.
What a thought, what a thought. Played with it for a little while, amazed at the colours, curious and all. Only to find out it's the sun that makes it pretty, it's the eyes that's fooled with tricks.
So dissapointed boots made its way and stepped into a puddle of mud.
"This looks awkward, but it looks fun" and played with it for a little while. But the mud they smothered the boots. Dirty enough to destroy a pretty pair of boots, and so it made its way, away from the stains and the source of it.
Landed themselves in an ocean of flowers, mesmerizing the eyes of everything with vision. And so the pair of hands to the pair of boots picked it up and put it in the pocket. Taking care with love, protecting it from beetles and bugs. But a flower is just flower and flowers withers and crumples. Without their leaves they're not as pretty, and without their scent they are only fit for frames, but when they die, they rot, they're nothing. So the pair of hands to the pair of boots, left it to fall, back to where it came from. And so with that the pair of boots kept on walking.
And then they stopped to a stream of river. With rocks and fishes and some pretty lotus, turtles swimming and little amphibians scurrying for food and play. Such fun place to be, such fun place to be. and so the body attached to the pair of feet to the pair of boots decided to stay and explore. And as far as the story goes, the red boots never left, havent left.

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